This is a collection of improvised jam sessions in 2021. Played on OP-1, OP-Z, DigDugDIY & Chase Bliss FX pedals. Some extra production and edits were added in 2022 using Ableton Live. Winterpark · Reflection

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Sampling from Internet Radio

One fun thing I do when running workshops or teaching is sampling internet radio stations in real time. As this is all real-time, you never really know what you’re going to get, and it will often lead to some really amazing, funny ideas. The Radio VST plugin is the simplest way to to this. You […]

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Ableton classroom projects

I’m super excited to have been given the opportunity to share these educational resources on as part of their Ableton for the Classroom initiative. Over the last couple of years I have been working with the Ableton Education team to develop and write a series of classroom projects that focus on music learning using […]

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Improvised Livestream

In November, long-time collaborator Dan West and I set up in our studios and used Audio Mover’s Listen to plugin to hear each others audio and do 100% improvised Live Set for Synth Stream. This is our Iso-Studio-Jam. Seems like a very 2020 thing kind of a thing to do.

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Teenage Engineering POM-170 Build

“I admit it… I’m a total music nerd” So… I’m a totally sucker for making from kits… I get heaps of satisfaction from putting together all sorts of noise and music making devices including Bleep Labs Thingamagoop 2 RGB and Cat Full of Ghosts Yowler synth. I even enjoy ripping open old 80’s battery operated […]

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AUGM May Live Stream

Last week I did a Live-Stream for Ableton User Group Melbourne, the group that I facilitate with fellow Ableton Certified Trainer Ben Murphy. We usually run once a month In Real Life meet-ups, but have been doing live stream events since Melbourne was locked down a couple of months back. In this stream I covered […]

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Cinematic Rhythms

I recently sat down (over zoom) with James Jennings to do this interview about my new “Cinematic Rhythms” course for Melodics, as well as a little about my musical past and things that have shaped my musical path. If you’re unfamiliar with Melodics, it’s a Music training app for Keys, Pads and Drums. Available for […]

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TE Synth Workshop

Last Saturday I got to walk-through how I set up and connect the Teenage Engineering OP-Z, Faderfox UC-4, iPad and Ableton Live Big thanks to Yarra Libraries, Ben Willis, Saddiva and Innovative Music for all helping to make a great arvo. 📷Ben Willis

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