Friday nights forever is one of my favorite tracks off the new album… it all came together with a sort of great synchronicity with some strange guitar loops I made for a different project fitting somewhat seamlessly into a rhythmic part i’d created on NI’s Maschine.

Melbourne songwriter Ross McLennan made an audio-visual video response to the track for the Exhibition. It was presented as a looping video, but the youtube clip is not looping… so you’ll have to imagine the clip looping. He has used part of the song’s outro and matched it with video of his son playing with a sparkler. It is quite mesmerizing.

Ross says of the process: “I initially wanted to make something that highlighted the place where Matt and I connect; where sounds feel like brain chemistry rather than music created by players. So, I took the more abstract section of the track, and then abstracted it further.
After a conversation with Matt about what the track meant to him, I went looking through my home movies. i found some footage of my son from a few years back. Something about the sparkler seems to marry well to the “brain chemistry feel” of the sound. Like a humble little life. The lifespan of a miniature star.”

Please visit Ross’ facebook page and listen to his amazing music.

Listen to the album version of Friday nights forever:

and also check out the 333 remix:

Track 6 off Sunday Morning is a swirling indie-rock shoe-gazer called Teenage kicks.
Jessica Rizzi, superstar DJ, photographer and all round nice girl, took a step sideways from her usual arts practice of photography to create a stop motion video work for the exhibition.
Jess says of the process: “The title of this track coupled with it’s upbeat feel created within me a nostalgic sense of days gone by, days filled with spontaneous encounters and reckless moments. There was always movement in this vision, so I decided to step away from my usual medium of still photography and explore the idea of stop motion animation. This avenue allowed me to create the movement I envisioned as well as incorporating an element of photography by photo collages as my backdrop.”

Track 5 off Sunday Morning is a short little ambient soundscape called Hiccups, which features guitar loops, bells and Susannah’s vocals.

Kate Stokes created an amazing response to the work called “Filament”. Her installation/light work is made from Bricklayers nylon and wire.

Kate says: “This track has a nostalgia that conjured up images of a lonely fisherman at sea. These structures have a delicate woven framework, reminiscent of fishing nets and cray pots.”

See more of Kate’s work at her CocoFlip website here

listen to Hiccups on soundcloud

“Centre of the universe” is Track 4 on the Sunday Morning album. It is an instrumental that is somewhat inspired by the sounds of Nick Drake, and is musically quite delicate. Listen out for the extraneous noises recorded through the guitar microphone!

Jordy Hewitt, ex-WP singer is also a rather amazing artist… she contributed a large scale painting to the exhibition called “The Keeper”.

Jordy says if the process of creating the work to the track: “For me Centre of the Universe is about polarity… and the complex behind the simple. The song has an understated driving lucidity that is covered over by a twinkling ethereal veil. Behind this tiny offering, a universe spirit, a man and his/story. But this kind of calm sorrowfulness born of pain and beauty of experience is meandering towards an uncertain optimism because always at the core, is wisdom and intelligence. It and you are The Keeper.”

Listen to Centre of the universe:

visit Jordy Hewitt’s website ->

Track 3 on the album is Wunderkind… a somewhat quirky little sound experiment with looped vocals, piano and guitar.

For the exhibition, video artist Eugenia Lim combined the track with her work ‘Flowers’.

Eugenia says of her work: “Flowers was inspired by my mum’s annual ritual of capturing peonies in bloom. I was interested in creating a portrait (of both my mum and myself) without featuring faces of figures and marking the passage of time through the photographs from various eras and albums.”

Wunderkind on Soundcloud

and learn more about Eugenia’s work at her website

The second track off the new album is a track that Susannah Legge lends her vocals to “Fade Out”

Photographer Penny Lane created a portrait of Susannah to accompany Fade Out

Penny’s bi-line on the work: “Shine bright dark dream… no other choice but to shoot Susannah”

ms. Susannah performing with Winterpark on the launch night. Photo by Dear Patti Smith

a photo of the photo….

Karl checking out the work.

Listen to Fade Out:

Links to Penny Lane’s work: facebook viewbook, and website

The opening track off the new album is an instrumental called “A movie ending”.

Artist Jewels Stevens created a an amazing 168cmx168cm painting in oil and acrylic on canvas.

Jewels says of the process:
“This assignment was right up my alley. Music is the major source of inspiration for my art making and what i generally do is to paint the way the music makes me feel. This particular Winterpark track is very uplifting, it made me feel and think about floating up into the clouds, sunshine and magic”

Photo by Anna and Marika from Dear Patti Smith

Listen to the track:

More info and works by Jewels Stevens here and here