New album… track selection!

I recently talked at one of the Ableton Live User Group meet-ups in Melbourne about how i’ve started the process of creating a new album. I plan to create a series of blog posts about this process as the album evolves, so this first part is all about the initial stage of how and why […]

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Insights into Vocal editing

I recently talked to a bunch of producers about vocal editing techniques at one of the Enable Music School sessions, and I thought I’d post a little something that I shared with them, and also expand a little more on some of the techniques I use. As an example I’m using the final track on […]

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Ableton Live MIDI FX

Here are a couple of Midi FX plugins that I created for the Enable Music Theory for Electronic Musicians session I presented at in December. The idea is to have a series of Midi FX racks which allow you to use single key strokes or button pushes to create lush evolving chords. With *Epic Chord Rack*  you […]

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Face the Music Conference

So I’m doing a presentation at Face the Music conference tomorrow… if you can’t make it.. this video is about 3 minutes of an hour and a half session that I’m doing with the very talented Tim Shiel, about incorporating Ableton Live and Music Tech into your Live Show. I’m talking about using Ableton as […]

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Visual Feedback for Looper on Push

This is a post for the Ableton Live nerds out there… I’ve discovered a way to provide dedicated visual feedback functionality for the looper device using the Push User page. First you need to set up the preferences so Live is sending note information to Push’s user port, and that Push’s user port is set […]

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