Well, here it is, the final instalment of Winterpark Tour ’07. I write this from home, sitting on the couch watching Lost in Translation, because my intentions of writing on the plane-trip home from Tokyo were thwarted by an unexpected bout of sleep! who would have thought it? sleeping on a plane?! unheard of. So, after arriving in […]

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I’ve been super slack in the trip updates later, loads has been happening, so i may have to condense a few things. BERLIN: Firstly, Jordy and I have now been in Berlin for 10 days, in a great apartment on Kastanieneallee, which is central to pretty much everything we need here. we have 3 trams that […]

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  PART 1. AIRWAVES So, i can’t really start the next chapter of this tale without telling you of the crazy time we had getting from NYC to Reykjavik… with a short little 20 hour stop-over in London town…!! it goes something like this… fly 6 hours… get on tube… get on another tube… get on […]

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Hi all…So this is all about Montreal… So, firstly we had an absolutely crazy NYC cab driver driving us to the airport. nutbag. every opportunity he had to accelerate, he did. even if it meant breaking a second and a half later… every car/truck/bike he could overtake, he did…. every lane change he thought may […]

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New York

Well, it’s been a week of fun filled NYC action. Jordy and I have been going absolutely mental with some shopping, taking full advantage of the shopping delights that NYC has to offer. We are now overloaded with American Apparel, and some cool retro t-shirts/jumpers/jeans from a shop in Williamsburg that is filled with everything […]

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