MESS PPG Wave 2.3

I spent some time recently sampling the amazing PPG Wave 2.3 at the wonderful MESS Foundation. It is a fantastic organisation with an extensive Vintage Synth collection, and very reasonable subscription rates which allows you to access some amazing pieces of Electronic Music’s history. The PPG Wave 2.3, is a visually striking and aurally exciting […]

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Tiny tidal waves – 5 free Ableton Live instrument racks

I’m giving away five instrument racks based on sounds off my new EP Tiny tidal waves. Rather than providing instruments that would just play the sounds from the EP, I thought it’d be much more interesting to create a new instrument from each track. What you get is a collection of instrument racks created from the key elements of each track, re-contextualised into new […]

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Tiny tidal waves EP Out Now

Hi everyone, you can now buy Tiny tidal waves for $3 via bandcamp. It’s a 5 track EP, that I initially wrote a blog post about here. The photography for the album cover and press shots were done by the wonderful Penny Lane. And the cover shot was taken in front of the rather spectacular artwork […]

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QUADwrangle at Arts Centre Melbourne

The QUADwrangle interactive sound sculpture project at Arts Centre Melbourne is all done and dusted (for now!) Arts Centre Melbourne’s youth programmer Dan West arranged for this video to be made, which sum up the project’s aims and intentions pretty well. During the second weekend session we battled a bit to get our awesome sculptural […]

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QUADwrangle interactive sculpture. Session 1. Sound Creation

It’s a great privilege to be involved with participatory youth program called QUADwrangle over the next two weeks. I’m working with a bunch of young sound artists from the College of the Arts (VCA), to create an interactive sound sculpture that will reside at Arts Centre Melbourne’s Fairfax theatre August 13-16. The intention is to create an immersive and fun piece […]

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The Radio Hour

Rehearsals have begun for a fantastic project I’m involved with called The Radio Hour. It is part of the Melbourne Writer’s Festival inconjunction with ABC Radio National. This is a full scale live production – a night of non-fiction story-telling on the theme ‘When Words Fail’, presented live on stage by the writer/s/producers themselves, and scored […]

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Duet Duets.

I was recently part of a remix/collaboration project with fellow Melbourne producer, and all-round nice guy Tim Shiel. Tim recently made the soundtrack for a iOS game Duet, which has been kicking goals internationally. He then invited a bunch of fellow Melbourne producers, Lower Spectrum, Friendships, Aoi, Jahnne,  Aliigator Williams, Luke Howard, Surf Dad, Clue to […]

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New album… track selection!

I recently talked at one of the Ableton Live User Group meet-ups in Melbourne about how i’ve started the process of creating a new album. I plan to create a series of blog posts about this process as the album evolves, so this first part is all about the initial stage of how and why […]

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