It’s a great privilege to be involved with participatory youth program called QUADwrangle over the next two weeks. I’m working with a bunch of young sound artists from the College of the Arts (VCA), to create an interactive sound sculpture that will reside at Arts Centre Melbourne’s Fairfax theatre August 13-16.

The intention is to create an immersive and fun piece with this awesome crew of artists and musicians. We’re going to explore new processes together, and develop a work that will invite and engage the audience to get involved an collaborate with one another to make music.

All too often these sort of interactive works run the risk of having too much happening when lots of people are interacting with it. The challenge for us is going to be to get this sculpture to become more musical, more harmonious and more inviting the more people who are playing with it.

These themes are intended to mirror Shaun Parker’s The Yard, a contemporary dance piece that is running concurrently at the Fairfax theatre, which tackles the cultural divide within the school yard.

Today we spent the day creating original sounds, that evoke a school yard of nostalgia of sampling old primary school xylophones into my Teenage Engineering OP-1, creating Drum Racks of clunking rulers, tearing paper and textas, as well as manipulating field recordings into soundscapes within Ableton live.


Hi all,

A few people have asked if they can get the remixes in better formats than what iTunes provides, so here they are! All ten of the remixes that are associated with the Sunday Morning album, by wonderful remix artists Montag, 333, Heroine, Chris Brann, AM, Dan West and Ray Mang.

10 tracks for $5, or get em individually for $1 each.


The press blurb…

Following on from the successful single launch and coinciding art exhibition Winterpark is warming up for the official “Sunday Morning” album launch this spring. The show is a one off performance at the Grace Darling Hotel in Collingwood on Friday 16th September to celebrate the release of his third album.

Winterpark is the collaborative studio project for Melbourne’s Matt Ridgway, born out of the ashes of his indie-punk rock dreams. “Sunday Morning” is the long awaited third offering from the Melbourne artist which boasts a collection of atmospheric and heartfelt tracks, as well as a handful of catchy upbeat tunes that effortlessly echo the ebbs and flow of Matt’s musical career.

Last month saw Winterpark perform at the opening of the “Sunday Morning” art exhibition, held at the Dear Patti Smith galley in Fitzroy, to launch the first single Night Beetle. The exhibition displayed a collection of works by 14 different local and international artists, who each gave their creative interpretation to a track from the album, with artworks varying from photographs and light installations, to paintings and new media.

The Grace Darling launch will be the first full live performance in over a year, where Winterpark will treat Melbourne fans to a one off gig that showcases the songs from the new album as well as throwing in a few old favourites.

Matt will be performing alongside Susannah Legge (formerly of the Hampdens) who has leant her vocals to a number of tracks on the album, and Dan West (Diafrix/Velure). The wonderful Eugenia Lim will also be providing visuals for the performance.

Fellow Melbournite Ross McLennan and Popolice will be joining in the celebration, supporting Winterpark perfoming new material.