Hi all!

Been a bit quite lately, mainly because of the holiday season and all that has gone with it. Currently enjoying some time off, and re-jigging the studio a bit, getting rid of some old gear (to make way for new gear!)

Taking some time to make some nice little audio sketches that sound a lot like the beginnings of another WP E.P. that i’ll try and get together later this year.

Hey.. just to let you know… that with the new year has come new prices for my music via bandcamp.

All albums are now $5 for digital download or $8 (+shipping) for download and CD copies.

Why you ask??? well… when you buy via bandcamp, it goes straight into the artists pocket!… itunes and other providers all charge a fee, so I am able to sell to you cheaper via this site.

sunday-morning-remixes one-night-alone falling-men-and-flying-dreams sunday-morning

Hi everyone,

Because it is a beautiful sunny weekend here in Melbourne town, I’ve decided that I want to give away some music!

Head over to Winterpark’s bandcamp site and download Winterpark’s second album”Falling men and flying dreams”. You have the option to pay whatever you’d like, which means you can pay nada, nothing, zilch!

If you feel inclined could grab one of the other albums whilst you are there too