On this coming Sunday I am presenting and performing at the Ableton Live 9/Push Launch event in Melbourne. I’m presenting about the Toy Harmonium instrument I made that was featured on www.ableton.com.

I’ve been busy putting something together to perform at it that uses the Generative piece that I created for the Toy Harmonium Instrument, and I’ve kind of done a bit of a live mashup with a track off my last album Sunday Morning called “Gotta Sleep Now’.

This live version features Live 9, a Livid Block, Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 synth, Live Guitar looping and processing, as well as vocal samples by the wonderful Susannah Legge.

Track 9, Hey Love will be the second single from the new album “Sunday Morning”. Susannah Legge (ex-The Hampdens) contributes her wonderful vocals to the track.

Long term Winterpark collaborator, film-maker Jarrah Gurrie, who had used a number of Winterpark songs in his films… most notably “Wall Kids” in his short film “Centre of the universe”. Jarrah also made the video clip for Winterpark for Wall kids when we were in NYC a couple of years back. Check it out here.

For the exhibition, Jarrah created a video response to the track called “To let you down”, it references Hey Love not via the soundtrack, but through visual imagery. Jarrah’s writes of his work; “Time stands still in the moment the heart snaps.”

to let you down from Jarrah Gurrie on Vimeo.

listen to Hey love:

The press blurb…

Following on from the successful single launch and coinciding art exhibition Winterpark is warming up for the official “Sunday Morning” album launch this spring. The show is a one off performance at the Grace Darling Hotel in Collingwood on Friday 16th September to celebrate the release of his third album.

Winterpark is the collaborative studio project for Melbourne’s Matt Ridgway, born out of the ashes of his indie-punk rock dreams. “Sunday Morning” is the long awaited third offering from the Melbourne artist which boasts a collection of atmospheric and heartfelt tracks, as well as a handful of catchy upbeat tunes that effortlessly echo the ebbs and flow of Matt’s musical career.

Last month saw Winterpark perform at the opening of the “Sunday Morning” art exhibition, held at the Dear Patti Smith galley in Fitzroy, to launch the first single Night Beetle. The exhibition displayed a collection of works by 14 different local and international artists, who each gave their creative interpretation to a track from the album, with artworks varying from photographs and light installations, to paintings and new media.

The Grace Darling launch will be the first full live performance in over a year, where Winterpark will treat Melbourne fans to a one off gig that showcases the songs from the new album as well as throwing in a few old favourites.

Matt will be performing alongside Susannah Legge (formerly of the Hampdens) who has leant her vocals to a number of tracks on the album, and Dan West (Diafrix/Velure). The wonderful Eugenia Lim will also be providing visuals for the performance.

Fellow Melbournite Ross McLennan and Popolice will be joining in the celebration, supporting Winterpark perfoming new material.

Track 5 off Sunday Morning is a short little ambient soundscape called Hiccups, which features guitar loops, bells and Susannah’s vocals.

Kate Stokes created an amazing response to the work called “Filament”. Her installation/light work is made from Bricklayers nylon and wire.

Kate says: “This track has a nostalgia that conjured up images of a lonely fisherman at sea. These structures have a delicate woven framework, reminiscent of fishing nets and cray pots.”

See more of Kate’s work at her CocoFlip website here

listen to Hiccups on soundcloud

The second track off the new album is a track that Susannah Legge lends her vocals to “Fade Out”

Photographer Penny Lane created a portrait of Susannah to accompany Fade Out

Penny’s bi-line on the work: “Shine bright dark dream… no other choice but to shoot Susannah”

ms. Susannah performing with Winterpark on the launch night. Photo by Dear Patti Smith

a photo of the photo….

Karl checking out the work.

Listen to Fade Out:

Links to Penny Lane’s work: facebook viewbook, and website