Music on the TV!

Hey all,

Well, 2010 has been quite productive so far for all things Winterpark!

There has been quite a bit of interest in my music from the TV and advertising world, and some of my music has made it to a Government health ad, and a Duracell battery ad.

Also, a couple of old tracks have made there way to the new ABC teen drama Dance Academy. So, if you keep your ears open, you’ll hear One night alone, Never alone, and a previously unreleased track called Tall man.

One night alone and Never alone will also be on the soon to be released Dance Academy Soundtrack CD, which will be out in July through ABC music.

I’ve also recently uploaded all of Winterpark’s video clips to a Youtube channel, so if you havn’t had a chance to see them yet, check it out here…

WP Youtube Channel

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