Winterpark Art Exhibition – Track 4. Centre of the universe

“Centre of the universe” is Track 4 on the Sunday Morning album. It is an instrumental that is somewhat inspired by the sounds of Nick Drake, and is musically quite delicate. Listen out for the extraneous noises recorded through the guitar microphone!

Jordy Hewitt, ex-WP singer is also a rather amazing artist… she contributed a large scale painting to the exhibition called “The Keeper”.

Jordy says if the process of creating the work to the track: “For me Centre of the Universe is about polarity… and the complex behind the simple. The song has an understated driving lucidity that is covered over by a twinkling ethereal veil. Behind this tiny offering, a universe spirit, a man and his/story. But this kind of calm sorrowfulness born of pain and beauty of experience is meandering towards an uncertain optimism because always at the core, is wisdom and intelligence. It and you are The Keeper.”

Listen to Centre of the universe:

visit Jordy Hewitt’s website ->

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