Winterpark Art Exhibition – Track 7. Friday nights forever

Friday nights forever is one of my favorite tracks off the new album… it all came together with a sort of great synchronicity with some strange guitar loops I made for a different project fitting somewhat seamlessly into a rhythmic part i’d created on NI’s Maschine.

Melbourne songwriter Ross McLennan made an audio-visual video response to the track for the Exhibition. It was presented as a looping video, but the youtube clip is not looping… so you’ll have to imagine the clip looping. He has used part of the song’s outro and matched it with video of his son playing with a sparkler. It is quite mesmerizing.

Ross says of the process: “I initially wanted to make something that highlighted the place where Matt and I connect; where sounds feel like brain chemistry rather than music created by players. So, I took the more abstract section of the track, and then abstracted it further.
After a conversation with Matt about what the track meant to him, I went looking through my home movies. i found some footage of my son from a few years back. Something about the sparkler seems to marry well to the “brain chemistry feel” of the sound. Like a humble little life. The lifespan of a miniature star.”

Please visit Ross’ facebook page and listen to his amazing music.

Listen to the album version of Friday nights forever:

and also check out the 333 remix:

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