Winterpark Art Exhibition – Track 8. Sunday Morning

The title track “Sunday Morning” is an ode to the joys of lying in bed, coffee and breakfasts, walking in the park and love.

Who better to share the love than the amazing and wonderful Jessica Racklyeft. Jess has a knack of creating works of wonder and whimsy, that capture essence and emotion in a moment. Her artist response to Sunday Morning is a quasi-religious painting that embodies all these things.

Jess says of her work: “This pretty track got me thinking about the Sunday spirit – for me, ultimately lying in bed with the sun and no plans… time/quiet/peace. I wanted to represent elements of religious iconography, since perhaps church on a Sunday is where some people found their moment of reflection from the rest of the busy week… Like the track says, Sundays make you remember that everything’s all right.”

Listen to Sunday Morning here:

and read more on Jess’ Blog here.

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