Setting up the Vocoder to work ‘out of the box’ with Ableton’s Push controller was a challenge that I set myself.

For anyone who has used the Vocoder in Live 9 before, you should know that you by default, need two channels, one Midi and one Audio, and they need to have channel routings set up in a particular fashion to make them work.

This doesn’t work so well when you want to load a ready to go Vocoder directly from Push. So, I worked out a way to use Live’s External FX device within an Instrument rack to allow audio to be sent into a Midi channel.

You can download the live set for free here, and watch the youtube video below for more information on how to ensure it works correctly for your needs.

If you like this Instrument rack, please consider donating a dollar!

12 responses to “Vocoder with Live 9 and Push”

  1. Wow, this is a really nice pack of devices, I really like it. One question, is it possible to use an audiofile (like an acapella) instead of the microfon as the input? I somehow can’t figure it out at the moment.

    • Hi, thanks. These particular vocoder instruments are set up to use an external source only. I wonder if there is some max for live device that would act like the external audio fx device, but instead route audio from anywhere within Live? Something like that would do it! Alternatively, you could just break apart the vocoder and route it in a more traditional manner… Hope that helps!?

  2. So far this has been amazing as a live tool, but I’m struggling with getting anything recorded. How might I get both an audio and vocoder track recorded parallel and configured so they’ll play back like I play it live?

  3. Wow quick response thanks, so you’re saying you would use the audio out function on the “put mic here” module? Could you be uber specific about the configuration I need to make it work, I believe I’ve tried what you described but maybe i’m wrong.

    • Hey Blake, no not the audio out function. The track/channel input of a newly created audio track…. change it from “ext in” to receive audio input from the channel with the vocoder instrument on it ‘post fader’.

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